Ulrich Hansen committed 8b41725

Corrected typos in postrm. Fixed the removal of the diversion of ksplashrc.

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         if which update-grub2 > /dev/null ; then
             update-grub2 || true
-        if witch plymount-set-default-theme > /dev/null ; then
+        if which plymouth-set-default-theme > /dev/null ; then
             plymouth-set-default-theme -r -R || true
         if [ -x /usr/sbin/gdm3 ]; then
             invoke-rc.d gdm3 reload || true
+# Remove diversion:
+        mv /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/ksplashrc \
+           /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/ksplashrc.desktop-theme
+        dpkg-divert --package desktop-theme-growing --remove --rename \
+                    --divert /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/ksplashrc.real \
+                    /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/ksplashrc
+        rm -f /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/ksplashrc.desktop-theme
-dpkg-divert --package desktop-theme-growing --remove --rename \
---divert /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/ksplashrc.real \
 # dh_installdeb will replace this with shell code automatically
 # generated by other debhelper scripts.
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