pyquery / .hgtags

87f002ce396754a04a55b4dc8494f38100957108 0.2
9796ea9cb849ce66ca29b394b55a265fe2acb332 0.3
91a4330801b9973e5ad4002e05fc6a10e8f3a7e5 0.3.1
57314579ad88ddd90d859ced956d0b0b624c91e4 0.4
834115170db04073b563126285925ae7d60e5aca 0.5
34bdaa6c79082f45793d79c8b104abaa7770f3a6 0.7
34bdaa6c79082f45793d79c8b104abaa7770f3a6 0.7
2e487bd6398cf45c9f9fb1844184c0da44df4ca2 0.7
87a1f455af96167df468cc371e97f989c7ffae61 1.0
896c7c93e128627ae04a1d3a497ae86582f9f5b0 1.1
d9ff411d55a3210db3758e6bcf9eaacac97bff73 1.1.1
15c979c951347d7a1c74a64905b5bb5d29d07b57 1.2
5aced0fedcaad2efca697f3b5af69cf236d13908 1.2.1
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