Ashley Felton  committed b094004

Added NERDTree, Tagbar and simple-pairs plugins.

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 vim = [git]
 vim/bundle/python-mode = [git]
+vim/bundle/nerdtree = [git]
+vim/bundle/simple-pairs = [git]
+vim/bundle/tagbar = [git]
 5e3fdd3a8a3b244e1fedd0f5597f4a9879e16c3b vim
+a1433c485eb254838c1db52e087d5ec4d1e77cfd vim/bundle/nerdtree
 127fcd5564ac833417b474d0eb077897c6f3b00b vim/bundle/python-mode
+cb757ebc2acfff8d545a745bfe00c851ae090cc6 vim/bundle/simple-pairs
+bff765b957b44988975565272eb4f6359543b4ec vim/bundle/tagbar
 set foldnestmax=10          "deepest fold is 10 levels
 set nofoldenable            "don't fold by default
 set foldlevel=1             "this is just what i use
+" ========== Plugin Settings =========="
+" Mapping to NERDTree
+nnoremap <C-n> :NERDTreeToggle<cr>
+" Tagbar key bindings."
+nmap <leader>t <ESC>:TagbarToggle<cr>
+imap <leader>t <ESC>:TagbarToggle<cr>i