Ashley Felton committed b337e95

Added vim-solarized git subrepo.

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Files changed (3)

 vim/bundle/tagbar = [git]
 vim/bundle/command-t = [git]
 vim/bundle/jellybeans.vim = [git]
+vim/bundle/vim-colors-solarized = [git]
 127fcd5564ac833417b474d0eb077897c6f3b00b vim/bundle/python-mode
 cb757ebc2acfff8d545a745bfe00c851ae090cc6 vim/bundle/simple-pairs
 bff765b957b44988975565272eb4f6359543b4ec vim/bundle/tagbar
+528a59f26d12278698bb946f8fb82a63711eec21 vim/bundle/vim-colors-solarized
 " Enable syntax highlighting
 syntax enable
 " Jellybeans colour scheme
-color jellybeans
+"color jellybeans
 " Text, tab and indent related
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