Way of the Tiger: Avenger is an old-school choose your own adventure story, in the style of the old
Fighting Fantasy game books. You play a Ninja, worshipper of Kwon, Supreme Master of Unarmed Combat.
Trained in the Way of the Tiger, you are now an outstanding master of the martial arts, ready to use
your deadly skills to overturn evil and to avenge the death of your foster-father, Naijishi.

Naijishi's assassin has stolen the Scrolls of Kettsuin, a guardian of the secret Word of Power,
which could imprison Kwon in the Inferno forever, unleashing the forces of evil throughout the World
of Orb. Your quest is to find the assassin before he reaches the Pillars of Change.


This project was started a means for myself to learn JavaScript and AngularJS
to implement an interesting
project, namely an old-school choose-your-own-adventure book from my childhood. I found this book
on the shelf in a holiday house around the age of twelve, and proceeded to read it to destruction.
I knew the result of every choice by heart, and probably played it through a hundred times. I hit
on the idea of converting the story to an interactive web application while hunting for an idea to
learn AngularJS in greater detail.


This project is based upon a copyrighted work called Avenger
to which I make no assertion of ownership. The authors
are Mark Smith and Jamie Thompson. While
the software portions of the project were written by myself, the setting, fiction and illustrations
are intellectual property of their respective copyright
holders. I have duplicated these elements as part of the project on the basis that the book is
relatively obscure and long out of print (the "Abandonware" argument). This is obviously
a complete infringement of copyright, however I'm hoping that the copyright holder(s) will forgive me
on the following basis:

  1. This project is entirely noncommercial in nature;
  2. I haven't advertised or promoted it anywhere;
  3. It was created with the intent of preserving this work for future audiences
  4. It was undertaken as a learning activity.

Doesn't really count as "fair use", but hope springs eternal eh?

The copyright holder needs only to send a request to, and I will remove the
application and project from public view.