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how to install the plugin

download and copy the .dll file into your sdrsharp directory

open sdrsharp.exe.config and in the <plugins> section add the following line

<add key="Serial Port Remote Control" value="SDRSharp.SerialPortRemoteControl.SerialPortRemoteControlPlugin,SDRSharp.SerialPortRemoteControl" />

since we're not intrested in pluging real cables download and install com0com

configuring the plugin

your com0com configuration should look something like this

so we'll assume com4: will be SDRSharps side. open and start sdrsharp. then select the protocol emulation you need and the desired com port

when you press "enable" the software will start listening for commands

configuring the controlling side

now we'll need to configure the other side of the cable

in wxtoimg, select Options->Recording Options on the dialog box select

receiver type = apt-06
receiver port = port3

in Unitrunker create a new receiver and set the following

Model = BC245XLT
Serial Port = com3