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Food Inspections


Welcome to the Food Inspections project! This is the repository containing our upcoming rewrite. For updates, follow @foodinspections.


This repository contains the following:

  1. A Django project providing the Food Inspections API
  2. (Coming soon?) A static frontend project


To set up a development environment:

  1. Clone this repository (e.g., git clone https://rossnelson@bitbucket.org/rossnelson/foodinspections.git ~/fi)
  2. Install PostgreSQL 9.3+ and PostGIS 2.1+
  3. Create a database foodinspections, owned by user fi with password 83k4ursbL79a7
  4. Install the necessary libraries (pip install django simplejson django_migration_fixture && pip3 install python-dateutil)
  5. If desired, run data/genfixture/generate.sh to generate the fixture data; fixture available in api2/fixtures/initial_data.json
  6. Run python manage.py migrate to build the table structure and populate it with data

From this point, you have a mostly empty Django project and a database full of data. You can use python manage.py shell to access a Python environment or python manage.py dbshell to access PostgreSQL. These commands need to be executed from /src.

To run the server, use python manage.py runserver This will allow you to access the app from your local machine instead of having to use it from within the VM.

Database Information

  • Database: PostgreSQL 9.3
  • Name: foodinspections
  • User: fi
  • Password: 83k4ursbL79a7