Răzvan Rotaru avatar Răzvan Rotaru committed 579826d

Added build.bat.
Patched setup-api.scm for windows path bug.

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+@echo off
+set BUILD_DIR=%~dp0
+rem TODO make path change local to script
+set PATH=%PATH%;%BUILD_DIR%mingw\bin
+echo %PATH%
+cd %BUILD_DIR%chicken-src
+mingw32-make PLATFORM=mingw PREFIX=c:/chicken
+rem TODO check for error
+mingw32-make PLATFORM=mingw PREFIX=c:/chicken install
+rem TODO check for error
+rem copy to BUILD_DIR


       (foreign-value "C_INSTALL_PREFIX" c-string)))
 (define (shellpath str)
-  (qs (normalize-pathname str)))
+  (let ((np (normalize-pathname str)))
+    (if (and *windows* (equal? (string-ref str 0) #\") (equal? (string-ref str (- (string-length str) 1)) #\"))
+      np
+      (qs np))))
 (define *csc-options* '())
 (define *base-directory* (current-directory))
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