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 A Windows installer for [Chicken Scheme](http://call-cc.org/).
-Current version includes:
+Works with Chicken 4.8.0.x and includes MinGW GCC Compiler 4.7.2. Only 32-bit builds are suported.
-- Chicken Scheme:
-- MinGW GCC Compiler: 4.7.2
-The installer is currently alfa, so please report issues if you find any. It has been tested only on Windows 7 64-bit.
-Please let me know if it workes fine on other systems as well.
+The installer has tested only on Windows 7 64-bit. Please let me know if it workes fine on other systems as well.
 - Make installation of GCC compiler optional.
-- Add GCC license
+- Add GCC license
+## Build Instructions
+To build an installer you need [NSIS](http://nsis.sourceforge.net/). The [Unicode version](http://www.scratchpaper.com/) is highly recommended because the standard NSIS compiler limits strings to 1024 characters, which causes problems when Chicken is added to PATH.
+Steps to build an installer:
+1. Run build.bat with the chicken version as parameter.
+	D:\projects\chicken-installer>build.bat
+The script will download the sources and build Chicken. Resulting binaries are placed in the bin folder. The script uses c:\chicken as a staging folder, so make sure it doesn't exist already.
+2. Open chicken-installer.nsi with your favourite text editor and set the correct values for variables VERSIONMAJOR, VERSIONMINOR, VERSIONBUILD and INSTALLSIZE.
+	!define VERSIONMAJOR 4
+	!define VERSIONMINOR 8
+	!define VERSIONBUILD 0.5
+	!define INSTALLSIZE 14410
+3. Build chicken-installer.nsi using the NSIS Compiler.

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 # These three must be integers
-!define VERSIONBUILD 0.4
+!define VERSIONBUILD 0.5
 # These will be displayed by the "Click here for support information" link in "Add/Remove Programs"
 # It is possible to use "mailto:" links in here to open the email client
 !define HELPURL "http://call-cc.org/" # "Support Information" link
 !define UPDATEURL "http://code.call-cc.org/" # "Product Updates" link
 !define ABOUTURL "http://call-cc.org/" # "Publisher" link
 # This is the size (in kB) of all the files copied into "Program Files"
-!define INSTALLSIZE 14408
+!define INSTALLSIZE 14410
 RequestExecutionLevel admin ;Require admin rights on NT6+ (When UAC is turned on)