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Chicken Installer

A Windows installer for Chicken Scheme.

Works with Chicken 4.8.0.x and later, and includes MinGW GCC Compiler 4.7.2. Only 32-bit builds are suported.

The installer has tested only on Windows 7 64-bit. Please let me know if it workes fine on other systems as well.


  • Make installation of GCC compiler optional.
  • Add GCC license
  • Add openssl library
  • Add gtk

Build Instructions

To build an installer you need NSIS. The Unicode version is highly recommended because the standard NSIS compiler limits strings to 1024 characters, which causes problems when Chicken is added to PATH.

Steps to build an installer:

  1. Run build.bat with the chicken version as parameter.


    The script will download the sources and build Chicken. Resulting binaries are placed in the bin folder. The script uses c:\chicken as a staging folder, so make sure it doesn't exist already.

  2. Open chicken-installer.nsi with your favourite text editor and set the correct values for variables VERSIONMAJOR, VERSIONMINOR, VERSIONBUILD and INSTALLSIZE.

    !define VERSIONMAJOR 4
    !define VERSIONMINOR 9
    !define VERSIONBUILD 0.1
    !define INSTALLSIZE 156000
  3. Build chicken-installer.nsi using the NSIS Compiler.