Renegade Python Distribution is a set of simple instructions that will allow a user to build their own version of Python and the full S&E stack including NumPy, SciPy, Cython, iPython, Sphinx, Nose, pyzeromq, etc. As of this release the only operating system officially supported is CentOS 6.4 (so RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4 should work) but future versions will include Ubuntu and Mac OS X. This project is mostly for educational purposes. The primary author, Todd V. Rovito, appreciates feedback and pull requests. Thanks!

How to build Python! How to build NumPy! How to build SciPy!

We call it Renegade Python Distribution because you will have to be a little bit of a Renegade to build your own Python instead of using one of the many pre-built distributions like Anaconda or Enthought. The advantage of building your self is you get great performance with ATLAS (because it tunes itself for your specific computer) and you can customize your Python Distribution to meet your needs. This guide doesn't take long to follow about one hour including compile time.

Release Notes

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On 11/20/2013 the first release was made 0.1 which just includes instructions for CentOS 6.4.