This provides a simple interface for the creation of boot loader 
configuration files and the addition of stanzas to said configuration

Much of the code is originally from either anaconda or up2date.

Although there's a lot of functionality here, a lot of it requires
mucking with object internals for now.  Also, there are some bits
which are still tied into anaconda infrastructure.  This will
eventually be fixed, but there's just not time right now.  The
following bits of API can be supported, though.  If you have anything
you'd like in here for your own purposes, let me know and I'll see
if I can add an API function that won't care about what goes on

bootloader.installNewImages(kernelList, backupSuffix)
  where kernelList is a python list of (verRel,extraInfo) tuples, eg
	[("2.4.7-10smp", "smp"), ("2.4.9", None)]
  and backupPrefix is the suffix to use for backups (defaults to rpmsave)