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Enhance scriptable image/release builds (RBLD-220)

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+Changes in @NEW@:
+  o New Features:
+    * Adjusted the build-url command to match an API change in rBuild
+      to accommodate printing URLs usefully for build automation
+      with rBuild (RBLD-220)
 Changes in 1.0:
-  o General Availability
+  o General Availability:
     * rbuilder-client is now released as generally available
       software with a stable API.  See the README file for more
 Changes in 0.1:
-  o Initial Version
+  o Initial Version:
     * rbuilder command line split out from rbuild to put it under
       separate management.


         buildId = int(args[0])
-        handle.facade.rbuilder.getBuildFiles(buildId)
+        for build in handle.facade.rbuilder.getBuildFiles(buildId):
+            if 'downloadUrl' in build:
+                print build['downloadUrl']
+            if 'torrentUrl' in build:
+                print build['torrentUrl']
         return 0
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