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This is a component of the rpath_common set of modules.  It provides
a stable interface for managing rPath product definition components
as stored in rBuilder.

Note that until version 1.0 is released, public APIs are subject to
change.  All documentation regarding stable interfaces is relevant
only to published stable releases; it is not in force for alpha
and beta releases, including 0.x releases and any automated builds.

To use the latest version of the interface:
    from rpath_common import proddef
To use a specific API Version of the interface:
    from rpath_common.proddef import api1 as proddef

The schema definitions are versioned with major and minor numbers.
Within a major version, only new elements will be added; elements
will not be removed and semantics will not be changed.  A document
that validates against schema version 2.0 should validate without
changes against schema version 2.1 or 2.2.  Incompatible schema
version changes will cause the major version to be incremented.
The schema version is included in the filename: rpd-1.0.xsd
implements version 1.0 of the schema.  (From schema version 1.0
to 1.1 there is a slight incompatibility; the schema version
rules will not be strictly enforced until the software version
reaches 1.0.)

API documentation is available at or by running "make
html" and viewing docs/developer/index.html (requires epydoc).