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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Gustavo Picon
Removed trailing whitespace from the codebase. sed -i '' -e 's/ *$//' `find cherrypy -name '*.py'`
Robert Brewer
Bye bye, py2/3.
Robert Brewer
Removed py3print.
Lakin Wecker
trunk - adding a py3util module that will normalize as many differences between this branch and the python3 branch as it can. First it includes a py3print call who's signature matches that of print in python3. Also removed a few byte strings of the form b''
Lakin Wecker
trunk - adding test_auth_basic and test_auth_digest into the normal test runs. Also fixing those tests for the new content-type header. Finally, flushing stdout in logtest and webtest.
Robert Brewer
Fix for #824 (_cplogging.LogManager.access method not handling unicode in login names properly). While I was at it, I made the access log template configurable, moved the log tests from test_core into test_logging, and added a new logtest module.