This repository contains a reference implementation of WebSheets, a new security paradigm to allow non-programmers to develop secure web applications using a tabular format. The project is still under development as part of my Ph.D. studies at Stony Brook University.

A workshop paper has been accepted at NSPW 2015. The submission (still subject to changes) can be found in docs/nspw.pdf.

Below is the abstract of the paper:

Spreadsheets are a very successful programming paradigm. Their success stems from user's familiarity with tabular data, and their previous experience in performing manual computations on such data. Since tabular data is familiar to users in the context of web applications as well, we propose WebSheets, a new paradigm for developing web applications using a spreadsheet like language. WebSheets can enable non-programmers to develop simple web applications. More importantly, WebSheets enable users to express fine-grained privacy policies on their data in a simple manner, thus putting them in charge of their own privacy and security concerns.


  • Can run examples found in the NSPW 2015 paper.
  • No support graph, edits force the invalidation of all values.
  • Only the console interface is working.
  • Single user mode, logging in as a different user also forces invalidation of all values.