Unable to raise to new attribute max after choosing Exceptional Attribute positive quality

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Keith McDaniel created an issue


When I choose Exceptional Attribute to Increase an Attribute Max by 1

Then I should be able to raise that stat to it’s new max in character generation


When I choose Exceptional Attribute to Increase an Attribute Max by 1

Then I am only able to raise my stat to one below the max of that attribute during character generation

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  1. Stefan Prelle

    It works for me. Just asking: Is is possible that you missed, that you already had another attribute maxed?

  2. Keith McDaniel reporter

    Chose Elf, all stats were at their minimum. Chose Charisma as my Exception Attribute, raising it’s max to 9. Put points into it, would not allow above 8.

    Only thing I can think of, is if the rule is being applied to Magic attribute as well, which I put at 6. Thought Magic and Edge weren’t lumped in to the general stat rules and were special cases.

  3. Keith McDaniel reporter

    Cannot put any additional points in Charisma with it being the first one to raise:

  4. Keith McDaniel reporter

    I did a fresh attempt to make sure. Literally did Priority C A B D E in Priority, Chose Elf, Chose Impaired Attribute Strength (which you should be able to choose multiple impaired attributes, which is another bug, can’t choose a second impaired attribute from the Negative Qualities list). Chose Exceptional Attribute Charisma. Went to the attribute screen. Tried to Max Charisma to 9 and got this screen.

  5. Keith McDaniel reporter

    Ohhhhhh! I think I know what is happening….Impaired Attribute 5 Strength makes my Strength the max attribute….but I am not ‘raising it’ to max, it’s default is 1…..

  6. Stefan Prelle

    Can you locate the logfile “genesis-log.txt” on your disk (in your user directory or below), delete it. Restart Genesis and retry exactly what you did. Don’t do anything else then, just grab the logfile and attach it here.

  7. Keith McDaniel reporter

    If I did Impaired Attribute 4 and left my Strength at 1, it works no problem. RAW, correct me if I am wrong,

    “During character creation, only one attribute may be at the maximum for the selected metatype.“ The Metatype maximum for Body is 6, Impaired Attribute being a Negative Quality should not trigger the limit of 1 Metatype maximum given that the maximum is lowered through Negative Quality.

  8. Keith McDaniel reporter

    Actually, that is another bug:
    ”Impaired (Attribute) Some folks are just not meant to be naturally talented. A bum knee, poor genetics, or an illness as a kid has you lacking the maximum achievement level of your peers. • Bonus: 8 Karma per level • Game Effect: For each level, the character’s maximum for the chosen attribute decreases by 1, to a minimum of 2.”

    Should only allow me to take 4 levels of Impaired Attribute to lower my maximum to 2, not 1, given that Str max for metatype is 6.

    So, two bugs with Impaired Attribute:

    1. Should be able to take multiple Impaired Attributes
    2. Impaired Attribute should not let you lower your Maximum lower than 2.

  9. Stefan Prelle

    Hm, good question. My understanding is different, meaning lowering your maximum with Impaired and than raising this attribute to maximum, counts as one attribute maximized during creation.
    I will try to file this as a rule question with my contacts (and think about possibilities for making this configurable).

    As for the other issue with not noticing that minimum of 2 applies, I make myself an internal ticket for this.

  10. Stefan Prelle

    JFYI: I got feedback from Pegasus Spiele: Their interpretation is similiar to mine (maxed impaired attribute counts against maximum), but they agree that it is an interpretation and not backed RAW (as is your interpretation). They put this question on the list of things to clarify with CGL for a second printing/errata.

  11. Keith McDaniel reporter

    Will you be updating the quality to allow for multiple takings of the quality. From my understanding of RAW, there is no limit to number of Impaired Attributes, outside of the # of Qualities you can take at Char Creation (6). So, you should be able to take Impaired Attribute Strength 4, Impaired Attribute Body 4, and Impaired Attribute Quickness 4 and basically have a severely physically handicapped individual, yet still be RAW.

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