Full Body Armor without Helmet

Issue #36 resolved
Iron Serpent Prince created an issue

In the attached screenshot, you can see that the option is listed as Full Body Armor without Helmet for 500 Nuyen.

That should be the cost of the Helmet.

Admittedly, the Gear chart in the Core Book isn’t very clear…

A full set of Full Body Armor with a Helmet should be 2500 Nuyen.

Without a Helmet would be 2000 Nuyen.

And the Helmet alone is 500 Nuyen.

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  1. Stefan Prelle

    What did I think when I entered that? It looks like I intented to make two variants of the FBA, instead of making helmets as an additional armor piece - since the rules talk of normal helmets and FBA helmets. There isn’t a rule that describes which armor pieces can be combined or is it?

    I have two ways to go now:

    • create the items “Helmet” and “Full Body Armor Helmet”, which can be equipped seperately. I would need to keep the possibility to pick more than one armor piece and let their armor values add up. This would open the door to combine armor pieces, not restricted by Genesis, but by the players common sense. (It is like that at the moment). To be able to restrict it, I would have to create a new item category “HELMET” - for just 2 items.
    • I could decide to make helmets an accessory to a specific “Helmet” extension slot only available in armor. This would result in a helmet not being something you can pick up alone. I could then control which kinds of armor allow a combination with helmets - but if the rules don’t deal with this question, why should Genesis do?

    I am undecided. Suggestions?

  2. Stefan Prelle

    I just decided. Shields and helmets already had their own category, but I forgot to enter the data from the CRB.
    Now I made a variant of the first option. Helmets can be equipped separately. The FBA helmet cannot be selected on its own, but is granted when you choose the item “FBA with helmet” instead of “FBA”.

    On a related note, I have the feeling I will run into problems with the defensive rating calculation for more complex armor cases, but that is a task for later.

  3. Iron Serpent Prince reporter

    I haven’t looked at your source code yet, so take the following suggestion with a grain of salt:

    It might be best if you make 4 categories for armor, at least internally.





    With the exception of Other, they should take the highest rating of the gear in their category. (This will cause issues, more on that later.)

    Other should always stack, this would be Body, Dermal Deposits, Bone Lacing, etc.

    This works for the most part… But will leave out the occasions where characters do not wear their “best” armor in favor of something that blends in a bit more. Such as, leaving the Full Body Armor at home and only rolling with the Lined Coat.

    Until you are ready to get into actual gear management, that can be put off until you are ready.

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