Fly through an asteroid field avoiding rocks and greeblies. The homepage and official development repository is at the web page:

This game had once upon in time the 4th place in "NoStarch game contest"!


  • Up = go up
  • Down = go down
  • Left = go left
  • Right = go right
  • D = Fire laser!
  • S = Shields (very useful!)
  • P = Pause

Command line

Run the program with "rockdodger".

  • -h Help message
  • -? Help message
  • -f Full screen
  • -w Window mode
  • -x X-size
  • -y Y-size
  • -k Keyboard only - disable joystick
  • -s Silent mode (no sound)
  • -P Paramter file name
  • -I always play the intro before starting the game


Paul started development on his old Challenger, porting the game later on to Linux and SDL. In 2002 the development was moved to code and in 2015 moved again to bitbucket.


You MUST have SDL installed. Any version later than 1.2 should be fine.

Be aware that there are problems with SDL before about version 1.1.6 or so, especially with the font support, so you might want to download the latest SDL version 1.2. We are developing using version 1.3, so sometime in the future you might find that this game runs a bit funny if you don't have the latest version.

You also need the following libraries:

  • SDL_image library to load the png images.
  • SDL_mixer library to load play the music.


Untar the file into a directory, type


, and type


to run it. To run in full-screen mode, type

./rockdodger -f