A simple tool to display images and text on the C-Berry TFT display.


You will need the the bcm2835 library and libmagickwand-dev
installed. Then just issue "make" and "make install" as root.


As root call the programm with

  sudo /usr/local/bin/tftwatch -m watch -d <DIR>

where <DIR> is a directory to watch. Image files copied there will be
displayed. Remember that they have to be 320x240 pixels or they will
not be displayed. Textfiles with a prefix of "txt." will be rendered
and also displayed.

Without using the watch mode there is a possibility to send command to
the watching process. Just use:

  /usr/local/bin/tftwatch -d <DIR> quit

to quit the program. In this mode there is no need to call the program
as root.


The font was taken from the AEG char collection, see