Marcin Kuzminski  committed a02b5ab

fixed small issue with changeset changed files details when clicking to load details via ajax removed info about comments

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File rhodecode/templates/changelog/changelog.html

                             <div class="expand"><span class="expandtext">&darr; ${_('show more')} &darr;</span></div>
 						<div class="right">
-									<div id="${cs.raw_id}_changes_info" class="changes">
+									<div class="changes">
                                         <div id="${cs.raw_id}"  style="float:right;" class="changed_total tooltip" title="${_('Affected number of files, click to show more details')}">${len(cs.affected_files)}</div>
                                         <div class="comments-container">
                                         %if len(c.comments.get(cs.raw_id,[])) > 0:
                     	var id =
                     	var url = "${h.url('changelog_details',repo_name=c.repo_name,cs='__CS__')}"
                     	var url = url.replace('__CS__',id);
-                    	ypjax(url,id+'_changes_info',function(){tooltip_activate()});
+                    	ypjax(url,id,function(){tooltip_activate()});
                     // change branch filter