Handling mode call variables. Preventing evaluation.

Issue #110 resolved
Ðål created an issue

Is there anyway to prevent evaluated mode(x) == 'call' variables?


Basically, something like quote(ls()) will be evaluated on the rpy side unless it is wrapped within a list().

I'm not entirely sure what the expected behavior for this is supposed to be.


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  1. Laurent Gautier

    That's a less explorer corner of rpy2, I suppose

    > typeof(quote(foo()))
    [1] "language"

    I don't think that there is currently a sane way to construct R language objects, but you can parse strings to expression rather easily:

    import rpy2.rinterface as ri
    expr = ri.parse('foo()')

    Now try raise the error about foo() not found:

    reval = ri.baseenv['eval']
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