error : (126, 'LoadLibrary', 'The specified module could not be found')

Issue #126 resolved
Former user created an issue

I am on windows.

I get this error when I do

from rpy2 import *

Someone knows how to fix this ? I used the exe to install rpy2

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Few things:

    • Better to check with the person that contributed the binary.
    • The error message is likely a little longer than that
    • from rpy2 import * is not recommended, try step by step (e.g., import rpy2.rinterface as ri; ri.initr())
    • Current release of rpy2 is 2.3.5. You should either try to compile from source, or consider using rpy2 under Linux or OS X (if the former, a virtual machine would be easy to set up under Windows)
  2. Laurent Gautier

    No activity. I assuming that the issue was specific to the machine on which rpy2 was installed, and that it was solved. Closing.

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