python -m "rpy2.tests" results in there is no .Internal function 'array'

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Hi there, thanks for rpy2. I've just installed via pip on a cluster (RHEL 6.3) after building python 2.7.5 and R 2.15.3 from source. Running the tests results in the attached errors.


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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Working fine here with:

    $ python -m rpy2.tests
    rpy2 version: 2.3.7
    built against R version: 2-15.3-Patched-140547177775092

    The warning messages issues by R suggest that something is already not ideal with your installation (discrepancy between the R version running and the R version that was use to install the R packages). I'd look in that direction.

  2. Laurent Gautier

    Likely due to the way R is installed on that system. Reopen if more information that this is not the case.

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