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alice hughes created an issue

I would appreciate this not being "invalidated" as the problem is with this is with the running of RPY2-even if it is on a windows machine and associated with another software program. The initial step in the program checks if rpy2 is running-and that is where the probelm is, rpy2 won't run, and so genuine solutions would be much appreciated:

I need RPY2 To run the regression kriging toolbox in arcgis 10.1, so I installed RPY2 (eventually), then got errors for r_home, I found how to set that, then got an error for r_user, so I set that (advanced settings-environmental variables), and now I have another error that is stopping rpy2 working-and I can't find any decent info on how to fix it: Here is the error: Executing: RPiValue C:\Users\ACH-BigDell\Documents\ArcGIS\alt.asc C:\Users\ACH-BigDell\Documents\ArcGIS\n1\IUO Start Time: Wed Apr 16 16:13:48 2014 Running script RPiValue... Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\ACH-BigDell\Documents\ArcGIS\ArcGIS_assign_R_pi_to_Raster.py", line 40, in <module> for ii in range ((width/CellWidth)-1): TypeError: range() integer end argument expected, got float. Failed to execute (RPiValue). Failed at Wed Apr 16 16:14:05 2014 (Elapsed Time: 17.00 seconds)

Genuine advice on the running of RPY2 and how to make it function and run properly would be appreciated, please do not dismiss the issue without attempting to actually deal with rpy2 problems Thanks in advance

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Hi Alice, Comments on issue reports can be terse. Nothing personal, just busy. Before going further, a couple of comments: - Anonymous reporting of issues does not encourage personalized communication - Opening a new issue when commenting on an existing one would be more appropriate can be irritating for people maintaining issues (the purpose of an issue tracker is that a discussion around one issue is in one place).

    With this done, one more before I (unfortunately) close this report as invalid:

    The error occurs in the ArcGIS code, in a line that is not using/calling rpy2. This is therefore a bug report for ArcGIS. The error message from Python is rather explicit: the function range() is expecting an integer and it is given a float. This is likely caused by you trying to use Python 3 while ArcGIS is only supporting Python 2.

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