rmagic, ipython-2.1.0, and ggplot2

Issue #199 resolved
Laurent Gautier created an issue

Printing R graphics from rmagic has problems (sometimes the figure is produced, and sometimes not).

I attach an ipython notebook illustrating the problem.

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  1. Dav Clark

    I'm on anaconda on OS X. There, I installed IPython 2.1.0, and otherwise updated packages to latest. I got all plots.

    Then, I updated to latest 2.4.x, and replicated your problem. So the good news is that this is something that showed up in the last 4 commits on that branch. Do you have any ideas off the top of your head? If not, I'll go digging later this weekend, I suppose.

  2. Laurent Gautier reporter

    @davclark The problem was in the rmagic code (probable copy/paste or merge accident). Nothing to do with ipython 2.1.0.

    Since you did not observe the problem I am wondering whether your local clone is in sync with the one on bitbucket...

  3. Dav Clark

    I did reproduce the problem after an update of the branch. The problem didn't reproduce 4 commits previous.

  4. Dav Clark

    You fixed it on my end too... I was just trying to allay your fears that I was out-of-sync and not seeing the problem. I fixed your "FIXME" (mostly by reverting to the old logic - everything "except" png and svg will be left alone).

    It was indeed a copy-paste error - I should have left a copy of that if clause behind when trying to make the dev.close logic more robust.

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