reference .libpaths in .Rprofile during build

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Shantanu Joshi created an issue


Often R users have a .Rprofile in their home directory that typically lists .libPaths. Would it be better for rpy2 to refer to those paths in addition to --r-home-lib during build time.


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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Isn't .libPaths in a .Rprofile for giving paths to installed R packages ?

    A .Rprofile in a user's home directory will generally be specific to that user. I would not like to use this to build because the user building or installing rpy2 might have a different .Rprofile from a user running that rpy2.

  2. Laurent Gautier

    Regarding the use of .Renviron in a home directory, currently only R CMD config is used at build time because it is not using anything that is user-specific. The argument is the same: a user might install a package for a group of users.

    However, I think that reporting the existence of .Renviron and its content at build time would be helpful (as it would point out to an installer that his/her R is relying on custom environment settings).

    Now that I am looking at it,I am unsure about whether .Renviron is used by rpy2 at run time...

  3. Shantanu Joshi reporter

    I also think it will be useful. .Renviron doesn't always exist all the time. But if it does, it would be helpful to at least report the contents, sine the specific library versions do matter so much....

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