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In the old rpy, when making calls to R graphical functions such as "par", parameter names that contained dots (such as cex.axis and col.axis) could be read by rpy if the dot were replaced by an underscore. In rpy2, this conversion does not work for calls to the R function "par". For instance: {{{ #!python

r.par(cex_axis=1.0) Warning message: In function (..., no.readonly = FALSE) : "cex_axis" is not a graphical parameter }}}

However, the dot-to-underscore conversion appears to work fine for arguments of other graphical functions, such as the argument for the function "legend". Therefore, it ought to be possible to make it work for the "par" function as well.

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    The R function graphics::par() has a signature like: - ... - no.readonly = FALSE

    'cex.axis' and all other parameters are hidden in the ellipsis (...), and there is no way to know what they are without an analysis of the code (going down to the C level by the way). The documentation in the repository details that (and will be matching version 2.1.0-alpha2).

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