problem in 2.4.3 with python 3 ?

Issue #224 wontfix
Big Stone created an issue


on iptyhon2.1.0/python 3.4 32bit, rpy 2.4.3 (from Ch. Gohlke), I'm replaying an old example :

I get an "expected str instance, bytes found" error ... maybe it's fixed in dev. but I can't check rmagic_python3.GIF

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    I don't think anything win32-specififc has been touched/fixed in the code base for a while...

    I could try out on non-win32, if only the report was not an image (and I could copy/paste code).

  2. Laurent Gautier

    Thanks for the report.

    The example is working with rpy2-2.5.1 / Python 3.4 on Linux. At present Win32 is not supported.

    Patches would be considered, but otherwise rpy2-2.4.x will stay as it is: 2.5.x is the current release, and dev is 2.6.0.

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