doc folder absent of doc files in /rpy-2.4.4

Issue #229 wontfix
idella5 created an issue

~/cvsPortage/gentoo-x86/dev-python/rpy $ ls /mnt/gen2/TmpDir/portage/dev-python/rpy-2.4.4/work/rpy2-2.4.4/doc/ Makefile

Don't know whether you intended this. The Makefile is the only file that made it into the tarball @ pypi

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    The doc never quite formally made it to the distribution source package on Pypi (there were plans but other items got the priority because of limited resources (time). doc/ and doc/Makefile are accidentally distributed.

    If you want to build the documentation, the source tree on bitbucket is going to be what you need. Note that the figures are also built from source. You'll have to build the target rpy2demo_all

    make rpy2demo_all
    make html
    # or
    make latexpdf
  2. Laurent Gautier

    I won't touch this in rpy2-2.4.x (current release series is 2.5.x, dev is 2.6.0-dev). If having the doc shipped with the tarball with release 2.6.0, open a new issue.

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