importing rpy2 package causes unexpected quit of python

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limitedspace created an issue

I am currently using Python(2.7.8), sklearn(0.15.2), pandas(0.15.1), multiprocessing, and rpy2(2.5.1) at the same time. My OS is Mac OS X 10.10.

I am trying to run multiple processes run GridSearchCV training on the same dataset with different parameters. Before writing code for rpy2, I checked that it works as expected. However, if I include import code for rpy2 (without writing any actual code for them) my program quits unexpectedly in the middle GridSearchCV fit method.

I imported the following, and importing any one of them causes this problem.

from rpy2.robjects.packages import importr

import rpy2.robjects as ro

import pandas.rpy.common as com

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    In the absence of follow up, I am marking this as invalid.

    It can always be reopened when there is more info.

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