Windows 7 (rpy output is unformatted in IPython notebook, but formatted in terminal console)

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pybokeh created an issue

Hello, I am using Windows 7 machine with Anaconda distribution with IPython version 2.3.1. I installed rpy2-2.5.4.win32-py3.4.exe from the unofficial python binaries website since I couldn't install it from source or using pip failed also. I installed it using easy_install path_to_exe.

Anyways, the plots that I make in R render ok, but if I want to render other things like text or summary data, the output shows up unformatted in the ipython notebook, but at the same time, the output is nicely formatted in the terminal console that I launched my IPython notebook server from.

Here is an example gist:

At home on Ubuntu machine, I do not have this problem. Everything works nicely! Also, it seems I don't even need to wrap print() around what I want to output in the ipython notebook. On Windows 7 however, I am getting this weird output format behavior.

Also, when I switch to the terminal console and run ipython, I get the same unformatted output unless I wrap a print() around what I want to output. When I use wrap print(), I actually get 2 outputs: the nicely formatted output and then below it the ugly unformatted output. This is very strange.

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  1. Laurent Gautier


    Unfortunately Windows is not officially supported (for lack of resources).

    Here the presumed issue is that the callbacks controlling the behavior when sending output to the R console are not working on Windows (they never worked).

    A limited workaround is to use the HTML rendering with:

    from rpy2.ipython.html import init_printing

    Note that is does not solve the issue that R's print() will just not render anything.

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