Use package `multipledispatch` to expose R's S4 methods

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Laurent Gautier created an issue

R's S4 methods work with multiple dispatch.

Consider the following example in R:

setClass("NormalDistribution", contains="Distribution",
               representation(mu="numeric", sigma="numeric"))

setMethod("+", signature(n1="NormalDistribution", n2="NormalDistribution"),
              function(n1, n2) {
                              mu = n1@mu + n2@mu,
                              sigma = sqrt( (n1@sigma)^2 + (n2@sigma)^2 )

The translation in Python (using multipledispatch) would be (there is an added nicety because Python has the special method __add__:

from multipledispatch import dispatch
class Distribution(object):
class NormalDistribution(Distribution):
    mu = None
    sigma = None
    def __init__(self, mu, sigma): = mu
        self.sigma = sigma
    def __add__(self, nd):
        return add(self, nd)
import math
@dispatch(NormalDistribution, NormalDistribution)
def add(n1, n2):
    return NormalDistribution( +,
                              math.sqrt(n1.sigma**2 + n2.sigma**2))

Using metaprogramming, it should be possible to generate on the fly from R definitions. There is already an effort in that sense in the code base but the solution is both an inelegant implementation and unpleasant one to use.

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