Out-of-date documentation for rinterface, rcall

Issue #259 resolved
Åsmund Hjulstad created an issue

The documentation states:

import rpy2.rlike.container as rpc
args = rpc.OrdDict()
args['x'] = rinterface.IntSexpVector([1,2,3])
args[None] = rinterface.IntSexpVector([4,5])
args['y'] = rinterface.IntSexpVector([6, ])
rlist = rinterface.baseenv['list']
rl = rlist.rcall(args.items())

I think the last line much be changed to

rl = rlist.rcall(tuple(args.items()), rpy2.rinterface.globalenv)

(I ran into this trying to use from as named parameter to the R density function)

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