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Big Stone created an issue

Hi Laurent,

I saw you were also active on github,

Wouldn't it be simpler for you to relocate rpy2 on github too ?

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  1. Skipper Seabold

    While I fully understand wanting to use whatever tools you choose and would obviously understand a decision not to move development. Personally, I'd love to see rpy2 development on github.

  2. Laurent Gautier

    While I do also use github, I do not feel compelled to exclusively use it.

    rpy2 has been on bitbucket almost since its very beginning (it was on sourceforge for a very short time), and there is everything I need here.

    Regarding presence on github, there was a mirror but it was not up-to-date most of the time and I deleted it recently. It may come back some day, if an automatic update can be worked out.

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