Update docs regarding automatic numpy to rpy2 conversion

Issue #273 resolved
Antony Lee created an issue

I feel that the docs regarding automatic numpy to rpy2 conversion are a bit unclear. It starts by saying that one should use

from rpy2.robjects.numpy2ri import numpy2ri
ro.conversion.py2ri = numpy2ri

but then adds that conversion only gets turned on after calling numpy2ri.activate (and this is emphasized in the red box).

If my understanding is correct, the assignment ro.conversion.py2ri = numpy2ri is in fact not necessary, and will actually only allow automatic converting of numpy arrays while making rpy2 unable to pass other objects to R; the correct approach is just to call numpy2ri.activate without the assignment.

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Thanks. This seems to be an old statement no longer valid with recent releases.

    The only steps needed are:

    from rpy2.robjects import numpy2ri

    Would you be able to make a pull request ?

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