Suppress importr exceptions behind mod_wsgi

Issue #277 closed
Serrano Pereira created an issue

Due to issue #274 this will fail with a LibraryError exception:

>>> import rpy2
>>> import rpy2.rinterface
>>> from rpy2.robjects.packages import importr
>>> print(rpy2.__version__)
>>> rpy2.rinterface.R_VERSION_BUILD
('3', '2.0', '', 68180L)
>>> stats = importr('stats')
Traceback (most recent call last):
rpy2.robjects.packages.LibraryError: Conflict when converting R symbol in the package "stats" to a Python symbol (format.perc -> format_perc while there is already format_perc)

The exception can be suppressed as follows:

stats = importr('stats', on_conflict="warn")

The issue I'm having is that on_conflict="warn" has no effect if it is used in a Django application served via Apache and mod_wsgi. It will still raise the same LibraryError exception. The exception is suppressed as expected if the application is served via Django's development server.

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    This is looking extremely odd.

    It would mean that either rpy2 changes its behavior when Django + Apache are used (and it does not do the first, and has no way to know the second), or Django+Apache modify rpy2's code (I don't think that this is the case).

    A number of issues reported with Apache + rpy2 were because Apache was importing a different installation of rpy2 than expected.

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