Docker instead of Windows support ?

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Laurent Gautier created an issue

With boot2docker on Windows, and a docker image readily available ( I am increasing thinking of redirecting Windows users to a Docker container.

What does it seem like (to Windows users) ? (I am not using Windows and rpy2 together myself)

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  1. Thomas Kluyver

    I'm not a Windows user, but it seems likely that many users want to add rpy2 to an existing environment, not get a whole new environment in a VM to use it. So I imagine that wouldn't stop people asking for Windows support.

  2. Laurent Gautier reporter

    Stopping Windows users from asking support would be a more ambitious goal. Disclaiming out and loud the absence of windows support did not deter them. ;-)

    The proposal here is to document well how Docker can be used to have a fully functional rpy2 environment from Windows, and make necessary changes or add helping functionalities if needed.

  3. Big Stone

    Windows user can also be "windows users" that can't install something like "boot2docker" on their pc.

    "boot2docker" is not a replacement for windows native application.

    Maybe the "microsoft docker" could be a path forward, but it seems intended only for servers (at the moment).

  4. Laurent Gautier reporter

    Yes, I am seeing that installing boot2docker requires elevated privileges. Something not always obvious in corporate settings...

  5. Laurent Gautier reporter

    It has been a year since this issue was opened. The following noteworthy event occurred:

    • boot2docker was replaced by `docker-machine
    • kitematic is on its way
    • a Docker container with rpy2, ipython, jupyter is now an automated build on dockerhub
  6. Laurent Gautier reporter

    I tested the Native Windows client on Win10: works like a charm. I could get the jupyter notebook shipping with the rpy2 container running in no time.

  7. Big Stone

    cgohlke provides rpy-2.8.3 only for Python3.5, not Python 3.4. Is there a C++ step up that required vs2015 or more starting rpy-2.8?

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