Support for Python 3-only - when does it start ?

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Laurent Gautier created an issue

I have joined the group of projects aiming at dropping Python 2 support by 2020 (

rpy2 has been primarily developed for Python 3, with compatibility with Python 2 worked out from the Python 3 code base, for quite while now so the path to Python 3-only(*) support will be through:

  • adding Python 3-only features. Some of this might already be present (support for strings and encodings in better when running rpy2 with Python 3).

  • cleaning the current code (I can wait to see all the pragmas with conditional blocks in the C code go)

rpy2-2.9.0, that I hope to release next year, would be a potential candidate to be the first Python 3-only release. rpy2-2.8.x could remain on extended support.

(* at the moment this would be Python >= 3.5)

Any thought ?

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  1. Laurent Gautier reporter
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    In the absence of objection, Python 3-only compatibility is starting with rpy2-2.9.0.

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