rmagic not displaying output in jupyter python notebook

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Michael Kaminsky
created an issue

This is copied from this issue on the jupyter notebook github repo. (I'm running macOS Sierra, so I don't believe this is a duplicate of some the windows-related issues I've seen on this repository.)

When I'm using rmagic to run models in R in the midst of my python notebook, the R output is getting sent to stdout (visible where my notebook server is running) but I can't get it to display the output in my notebook.

A notebook with these two cells should reproduce the issue.

# Setup
import rpy2
%load_ext rpy2.ipython

Run a model:

X <-c(1,4,5,7)
Y <- c(2,4,3,9)

@Thomas Kluyver recommended I bring this up with y'all. I'm happy to dig in and do some work on this if someone can point me in the right direction (I'm not a super-experienced developer, but happy to give it a shot.)

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  1. Mikolaj Magnuski

    I have the same problem. I am using rpy2 from r conda channel on windows. The output does not show in the notebook but if I look into the console that I started notebook from - I can see it there. So the text output goes to console not below the notebook cell.

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