Status of RPy2 on Python2

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Pjotr Prins
created an issue

Some package managers suggest RPy2 stopped supporting Python2. E.g.

I can't find more information about this. Can you update me on the status and what we should do? Note, a lot of services out there still use Python2 and Rpy2, and upgrading all dependencies to Python3 may not be feasible in the short term ;)


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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Starting with rpy2-2.9.0, support for Python 2 is dropped. rpy2-2.8.x may get bug fixes, but no new development is planned. (as documented here, - you will find there a few other projects dropping Python 2).

    Announcements were made some time ago (for example see issue #386, Dec 2016) and no objection was raised.

    If you still use Python 2, use rpy2-2.8.x.

  2. Pjotr Prins reporter

    Thanks Laurent for the great work. Dropping Python2 makes sense. I just could not find the announcement. Maybe add it to the release notes so it is very clear.

    We'll start migrating our web stack. Python3 is only 10 years old ;)

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