R_ext/eventloop.h: No such file error while installing rpy2 using pip

Issue #452 wontfix
fxsen@ualr.edu created an issue

I've posted the related question here.

I would be glad if someone could help asap.


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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Not saying it is not possible (I used to build the Windows binaries for the first releases of rpy2), but there is no support. You'll find older issues on this issue trackers, older questions with answers on StackOverflow, and notes about this and where to look in the documentation (for example here: https://rpy2.github.io/doc/v2.9.x/html/overview.html#microsoft-s-windows-precompiled-binaries). Sorry for the rather short answer: little time on my end and compiling rpy2 on Windows has already been discussed. Reopen if something is different.

  2. fxsen@ualr.edu reporter

    I checked out many resources available online but no luck. I would be really glad to be able to install it on Windows.

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