suffix .so is hardcoded when calling

Issue #494 resolved
Guilherme Leobas created an issue

After having problems rpy2 version on pip (reported here), I thought in give it a shot with the master branch.

It turns out that when rpy2 tries to load libR, the suffix .so is hardcoded but OS X uses dylib suffix for dynamic libraries. To fix that, is just a matter of changing the suffix when in OS X.


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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Note that the branch default is complete re-implementation (with tweaks in the design) moving from C-extension to cffi.

    The line causing the issue is this one, I think:

    As you note it the extension .so is hardcoded. Can you check whether changing it to .dylib is all that is needed ? (just clone the repos, make the edit to locally, and run python install.

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