Latest pandas breaking rpy2 conversion

Issue #509 resolved
Laurent Gautier created an issue

The error is:

TypeError: Parameter 'categories' must be list-like, was <rpy2.rinterface_lib.sexp.StrSexpVector object at 0x7f101d317fc8> [RTYPES.STRSXP]

This seems like what can be argued be a bug (or design issue) on the pandas side, but we need a workaround to keep rpy2 conversion working with pandas.

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  1. Laurent Gautier reporter

    The fix is in branch default (that the dev branch for future rpy2-3.0.0), but not backported to current release series (2.9.x). In the shortest term, you might have to pin your pandas version to an earlier one. Or start using rpy2-dev.

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