Find a new home for the main source repository

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Laurent Gautier created an issue

Atlassian has announced the end of support for Mercurial repositories.

The hierarchical options are:

A. Keep the main repository in Mercurial

A.1. Find a new home for hosted Mercurial repositories

The idea host will also have:

  • Lightweight software project management (issue tracking, CI integration)
  • The ability to migrate issues in Bitbucket
  • Integration with Travis

Candidates are:

A.2. Self-hosted repository

At this point this is seems too resource intensive (setup, maintain) to be worth it.

B. Abandon Mercurial for Git

B.1. Make the GitHub mirror as the new main repository

B.2. Use something else than GitHub

Comments (2)

  1. Peter Cock

    Would you be comfortable switching to git? If so, under B2 you could stay on Bitbucket but switch to git (maybe take a copy of the git mirror you already have on github, which can remain as a mirror?). That might be best for the historic issue tracker. Atlassian might even make a hg to git switch easy for you (although you might end up with the github mirror out of sync)?

  2. Laurent Gautier reporter

    I am comfortable using Git (well, “comfortable” might be a stretch when talking about Git… let’s stay I can use it) but I like Mercurial.

    If moving to Git, staying with Atlassian would indeed remove the need to migrate the issue tracking.

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