installing rpy2 on travis with pip

Issue #580 resolved
Jonathan Taylor created an issue

I use rpy2 to compare R output to some python output in a Travis CI script but am (recently?) having trouble installing rpy2 with pip due to a SyntaxError in E.g.

Can’t reproduce this on my own machine – no SyntaxError when running pip locally.

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  1. Jonathan Taylor reporter

    I guess it was the f-string (which was a new thing for me). I guess these are new in python3.6? Using it in the file I guess means that you lose all backward compatibility (though I guess this must be known)….

  2. Laurent Gautier
    • changed status to open

    Yes, I only saw that few days ago. This is a bug. should be compatible with Python 2 (at least until the error message about Python 2 being no longer supported can be reached).

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