Conversion to a numpy array segfaults

Issue #71 resolved
Joonas Paalasmaa created an issue

When using rpy2 2.1.9 and numpy 1.5.1, the attached script segfaults. GDB trace attached.

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  1. Joonas Paalasmaa reporter

    I see.

    What I find a bit weird is that replacing the line

    pca_loadings = r.princomp(variates).rx("loadings")


    pca_loadings = dict(r.princomp(variates).iteritems())["loadings"]

    makes the numpy conversion work without a segmentation fault.

  2. Laurent Gautier

    So would

    pca_loadings = r.princomp(variates).rx2("loadings")

    Nothing weird to me: the wrong kind of input what not handled properly and make the code crash, the right kind of input is working fine. Consider using the mailing-list, for example, if questions.

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