Segmentation faults after importing RPy2 modules

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Note that #72 ( might be related to the same issue, as are other issues.

From the original post on the Rpy mailing list:


I experienced seg faults and core dumps related to rpy with several recent versions of rpy, and reported some of them on this list. Here's another one, this time with rpy 2.2.0beta3 (and python 2.7.1) occurring during one of the tests coming with the source code. After unpacking,

{{{ cd rpy2-2.2.0beta3/rpy/rinterface/tests python }}} gives {{{ testAssignItemComplex (main.SexpVectorTestCase) ... ok testAssignItemDifferentType (main.SexpVectorTestCase) ... ok

  [...several more tests that pass ok...]

testNACharacterInVector (main.NAValuesTestCase) ... ok testNACharacterRepr (main.NAValuesTestCase) ... ok testNACharactertoR (main.NAValuesTestCase) ... ok testNAIntegerBinaryfunc (main.NAValuesTestCase) ... Segmentation fault }}} in my setup which is admittedly somewhat special (Intel 11.1 compilers used for compiling python and all modules, for example, on an OpenSuse 11.1 Linux).

I have played with that particular test script; when replacing the test suite setup at the end of the test script with {{{ def suite(): suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(ByteSexpVectorTestCase) return suite }}}

I get another odd behaviour:



testInitFromBytes (main.ByteSexpVectorTestCase) ... ok testInitFromSeqInvalidByte (main.ByteSexpVectorTestCase) ... ok testInitFromSeqOfBytes (main.ByteSexpVectorTestCase) ... ok

Ran 3 tests in 0.002s

OK Segmentation fault }}} i.e. a seg fault upon exit (something I had seen before in a different context; see Before switching to 2.2.0beta3, we had been using 2.2.0alpha2 without producing core dumps;but when updating to a newer version of netcdf and Jeff Whitaker's the netCDF4 module, a rather large application of ours suddenly started to produce segmentation faults in the middle of nowhere (meaning that the crash occurred reproducibly in the middle of some calculation entirely unrelated to rpy; the program just had the rpy module loaded). Removing the import of rpy modules made it working as before. When importing rpy2.2.0beta3 it core dumps at the same place, but runs absolutely fine if rpy2.robjects is not imported.

Going through the mailing list archive and the bug tracker, I see that there are different reports of similar (= segmentation fault) behavior on different platforms which are all very difficult to reproduce, but still bother people. Is there a way to debug rpy2 to get an idea what might go wrong during import and shortly thereafter to track this down? From my experience I would not be surprised if the above behavior cannot be easily reproduced by others - and yet rpy2 seems to produce crashes for quite some people.

Sorry - my intention is not to complain. I just feel terribly frustrated that I cannot even provide the slightest idea where that problem comes from, and even less how to drill it down further.


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