Steve Borho committed b42ad74

synch: strip white space around path

fixes #46

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 import threading
 from mercurial import hg, ui, util, extensions
 from dialog import error_dialog, question_dialog, info_dialog
-from hglib import HgThread, toutf, rootpath, RepoError
+from hglib import HgThread, fromutf, toutf, rootpath, RepoError
 import shlib
 import gtklib
 import urllib
     def _conf_clicked(self, toolbutton, data=None):
-        newpath = self._pathtext.get_text()
+        newpath = self._pathtext.get_text().strip()
         for name, path in self.paths:
             if path == newpath:
                 newpath = None
     def _email_clicked(self, toolbutton, data=None):
-        path = self._pathtext.get_text()
+        path = self._pathtext.get_text().strip()
         if not path:
             info_dialog(self, 'No repository selected',
                     'Select a peer repository to compare with')
         proxy_host = ui.ui().config('http_proxy', 'host', '')
         use_proxy = self._use_proxy.get_active()
         text_entry = self._pathbox.get_child()
-        remote_path = str(text_entry.get_text())
+        remote_path = fromutf(text_entry.get_text().strip())
         cmdline = cmd[:]
         cmdline += ['--verbose', '--repository', self.root]
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