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Steve Borho  committed e5f7c3a

iss: html man pages need style.css to be shipped

Without the css file, the documents are very underwhelming

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  • Tags 0.9.1

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File contrib/win32/mercurial.iss

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 Source: ..\build-hg\locale\*.*; DestDir: {app}\locale; Flags: recursesubdirs createallsubdirs
 Source: ..\build-hg\i18n\*.*; DestDir: {app}\i18n
 Source: ..\build-hg\doc\*.html; DestDir: {app}\docs; Flags: ignoreversion; Components: help
+Source: ..\build-hg\doc\style.css; DestDir: {app}\docs; Flags: ignoreversion; Components: help
 Source: {app}\Mercurial.ini; DestDir: {app}\backup; Flags: external skipifsourcedoesntexist uninsneveruninstall
 Source: contrib\win32\mercurial.ini; DestDir: {app}; DestName: Mercurial.ini; AfterInstall: FileExpandString('{app}\Mercurial.ini')
 Source: contrib\win32\mercurialuser.ini; DestDir: {%USERPROFILE}; DestName: Mercurial.ini; AfterInstall: FileExpandStringEx('{%USERPROFILE}\Mercurial.ini'); Flags: onlyifdoesntexist